Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s Republican US Senators May Cost The Lost of GOP Senate Seats In Georgia

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 29, 2020)—the U.S. Senate is in turmoil Tuesday with whether to increase payments to Americans who need the help the most because of the China’s COVID-19 pandemic.  Monday, the House voted and override of President Donald Trump’s veto of a $740 billion defense bill, two measures set to lapse if lawmakers fail to act before a new Congress takes office on Sunday.

Democrats, are quick to take credit for passing the $2000 stimulus check increase with help from Trump’s Twitter feed.  President Trump has been  pushing for a vote on the additional money, but the Democrats are using the stimulus increase to take advantage of the US Senate race in Georgia elections next week.  With Georgia’s major urban cities unemployment numbers continuing to increase—if the US Senate fails to pass the stimulus increase—it will lead voters to vote against the two republicans in the race. Although, the two Democrats are facing an uphill battle due to their connections to socialist Countries and China’s money laundering.

The bill faces a tough path in the Republican-led Senate, with many Republicans pointing to hundreds of billions of dollars in added costs of COVID-19 relief. But polls indicate that the people are in favor of the higher pay amount of $2000 from $600.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to speak on the chamber floor at Noon but there is no indication whether he intend to lead the Republicans to supporting President Trump and the people.

A combined $892 billion bipartisan coronavirus relief package and $1.4 trillion spending bill was signed by President Trump into law late Sunday evening which contains $600 checks for people hit hard financially by a pandemic that has infected more than 19 million Americans and killed over 333,000.


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