Canada-U.S. relationship under new President Joe Biden

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 21, 2021)—the Toronto Sun wrote, “Don’t kid yourself, the Canada-U.S. relationship under new President Joe Biden isn’t getting off to a perfect start.”

Biden revoked the oil pipeline permit for TC Energy Corp’s via executive order immediately after his inauguration on Wednesday. The cross-border bought economic development and jobs to Canada and to the U.S.  The project would have transported more than 800,000 barrels a day from the western province of Alberta to Nebraska, and from there to U.S. refineries.

Biden has placed Justin Trudeau on trial on his first day in office–testing Trudeau’s commitment to  climate change or jobs for Canada due to the oil projects. 

Trudeau immediately came under pressure from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who called on the prime minister to consider trade sanctions against the U.S. It’s unlikely Trudeau is willing to go that far.

“Biden has already signalled that one of his first orders of business is to scrap the Keystone XL pipeline”–which will cost Canada thousands of jobs.

What a signal to send to an ally and friend. Former president Barack Obama previously cancelled the pipeline even after his own State Department gave it the all clear.

It was pure politics, plain and simple. President Donald Trump was wise to give it the thumbs up, but Biden was determined to reverse that wise decision. 

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had previously vowed to press whoever was president on the need to get the important pipeline built. Let’s see if he keeps his word and goes to bat for this project.” But, what stands in the way of Trudeau working for Canada is his close relationship with the United States democratic party.

Let’s also hope that this isn’t the beginning of a trend. We need a smooth and positive relationship with the United States, regardless of who is president. Canada’s Prime Minister–will be presidential handled like other nations—putting Canada second.

We also hope that Biden isn’t just reversing decisions made by Trump simply to spite the now former president.

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There are things that the Trump administration did that are consistent with the world that Canada needs.

Trump was right to broker peace deals in the Middle East that brought more stability and security to Israel. Canada, as an ally of Israel, must encourage Biden to take that ball and run with it.

Likewise, Trump saw the challenges with the rise of China under Xi Jinping before many others. He was right to throw down the gauntlet, as he did on multiple occasions.

China has only become more problematic for Canada and the United States in recent years. While we’re still waiting for Trudeau to figure this out, we’re crossing our fingers that Biden will be quicker to the punch.

We also believe Trump was right to challenge some of the problems with the United Nations that will only continue to fester if left unchecked.

The UN should not be a forum for the lowest common denominator to prevail. The Human Rights Council has become a joke.

We are cautiously optimistic that Biden will continue to forge a productive path forward on these issues.

Although we’re not holding our breath that he’ll reverse the Keystone XL decision. 

Source: Toronto Sun wrote the original article.

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