Biden Signs Buy America Executive Order To Bolster U.S. Manufacturing

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 25, 2021)–today President Joe Biden  alone with Vice President Kamala Harris presence signed an executive order Monday aimed at promoting the “Buy American” agenda he campaigned on last year, which seeks to bolster U.S. manufacturing through the federal procurement process.

The  Biden’s Administration executive order directs agencies to strengthen requirements about purchasing products and services from U.S. workers and businesses, cuts some red tape and creates a position in the Office of Management and Budget responsible for enforcing the directive.

Biden’s executive order also reiterates the  administration’s support for the Jones Act, which limits foreign maritime shipping between U.S. ports to U.S.-made and -owned vessels.

Biden criticized former President Donald J. Trump’s plan and alleged that Trump’s plan failed to require  that federal agencies buy American products rather than obtain waivers.  Biden’s waiver plan to be made public and to provide an opportunity for small businesses to provide American products and services to increase good paying jobs in America with a clear directive  and  a “coordinated effort.”

Biden’s executive order will require the  federal government  to replace its fleet of vehicles with American-made electric cars over time. Biden further noted that the federal government will push to replenish federal stockpiles, noting the ongoing pandemic.

“As this pandemic has made clear, we can never again rely on a foreign country that doesn’t share our interest to protect our people in a national emergency,” he said.

Increasing government spending was part of Biden’s  Buy American campaign plan calling for a $400 billion, four-year increase in government purchasing of U.S.-made products and services.

“It’s based on his view that we are making things in America and all of America is core to our economic strategy,” an administration official told reporters Sunday, adding that the order is part of a broader effort to “strengthen supply chains” and “modernize international trade rules.”

Biden  signed a number of executive actions during his first week as President– including measures to address the Covid-19 pandemic, rejoin the Paris climate accord and eliminate Trump’s travel restrictions mostly targeting a handful of Middle Eastern countries. President Trump’s  policies highlighted the importance of American goods—making America first.

President Trump’s “Buy America” plan  called on U.S. diplomats and military attaches to help increase exports of American arms. Trump’s strategy effectively turned  U.S. officials into high-level sale-men  for military hardware, and products in addition to boosting international growth for American defense contracts, products and services.

Source:Video White House

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