Biden Echoed Former President Trump At the State Department “America Is Back” With Different Actions

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 4, 2021)—today President Joseph Biden 



  • President Joseph Biden with Vice President Kamala Harris announced ‘America is back’ and declared ‘diplomacy is back at the center’.
  • Biden announced that his administration will end all support for offensive operations in Yemen and will appoint an envoy to focus on the long-standing conflict, one of several changes he announced in his first major foreign policy speech since taking office.
  • US troops will not be withdrawn from Germany raising the cap for refugees allowed into the US.
  • Biden  “we’re going rebuild our alliances. We’re going reengage the world and take on the enormous challenges we face dealing with the pandemic, dealing with global warming and again standing up for democracy and human rights around the world.”
  • Biden announced an end to all American support for offensive operations in Yemen and said he will appoint an envoy to focus on the long-standing deadly conflict. 
  • U.S. diplomat for the Middle East, Tim Lenderking, as its special envoy in Yemen. The move comes as Biden is searching for a diplomatic end to the Saudi Arabia-led military campaign that has deepened humanitarian suffering in the Arabian peninsula’s poorest country.
  • Biden announced  that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will lead a “global force posture review,” and, while that review is ongoing, will “freeze any troop redeployments from Germany… so our military footprint is appropriately aligned with our foreign policy and national security priorities.”
  • Biden to increase the cap on the number of refugees  allowed into the United States to more than eight times the level at which the Trump administration left it.
  • Biden to host a Climate Change Leadership Conference on Earth Day 2021.


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