Biden Delivers Remarks on the “State of the Economy & the Need for the American Rescue Plan”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 5, 2021)—President Joseph Biden delivered remarks on the “State of the Economy & the Need for the American Rescue Plan.”



  • Biden defined out the American Rescue Plan, his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill.
  • Biden our economy is still in trouble.  
  • 15 Million Americans are behind in their rental payments. In the month of January America added 6,000 jobs. But 2.5 million women have been driven from the workforce.
  • Biden, January was one of the deadliest months–America lost about 100,000 Americans to the COVID-19 virus.
  • Suicides are up, mental health is increasing and violence against women and children are increasing.
  • The plan puts 106 billion dollars into the economy and sets up vaccine sites.
  • The American Rescue Plan keeps the commitment of $2000 dollars–$600 has already gone out. Biden claims that he was not cutting the size of the check—but they are getting what was promised.  Biden promised $2000 in January but reneged.

In January there was  small job gain benefited from a technical adjustment to the government’s data. And without an increase of 80,000 temporary jobs, the economy would have posted a net loss.

“What you have is a lousy report that shows a stalling recovery,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist at payroll processor ADP.

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