White House Daily Briefing: February 10th


  • Biden’s last COVID-19 test was negative. Biden to be tested every two weeks–per the physicians advice. Although he’s had the vaccine, it isn’t 100 percent effective – it’s only 95 percent protection, so White House doc wants to test him every two weeks, she says.
  • The Press Secretary responded to the reporters questions about the unconstitutional second impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump. Biden will not be watching the trial.
  • CDC two mask findings–not a definitive guidance.  U.S. government researchers found that wearing two masks are better than one in slowing coronavirus spread, but health officials stopped short of recommending that everyone double up.  
  • Tik-Tok—Walmart potential partner to purchase the company.
  • There is no official decision regarding troop withdrawal in Afghanistan.
  • The Press Secretary said that the Biden’s administration objective is for schools to open and remain open.
  • Biden not engaging with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy.
  • Mark Cuban’s decision to stop playing the National Anthem at the Mavericks  home games.
  • The Biden administration is set to announce sanctions on military leaders in Myanmar.
  • “I don’t have an update on force posture and I wouldn’t expect one today,  said  the  Press  Secretary about whether Biden will announce any change to the planned withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The Biden admin is expected to miss a May deadline.”

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