Commemoration Of The 50th Anniversary Of Decimalization In The UK

UK (February 15, 2021)–today, to mark the 50th anniversary of decimalization in the UK. The Royal Family released some known facts and figures about Her Majesty’s likeness appearing on currency around the world.
🪙 The most recent Royal Mint portrait of The Queen, unveiled in 2015, has, to date, featured on just under three billion UK coins?
🪙 During The Queen’s reign, the circulating coins have featured five different portraits of her?
🪙 The design of the coins are determined by a tradition which states the direction in which the head faces should alternate for every successive monarch, therefore Her Majesty faces right because her father faced left?
🪙 From Australia to Antigua, Trinidad to Tuvalu, The Queen’s portrait has graced the currencies of 35 different countries — more than any other individual in history?
🪙 Canada was the first to use the British monarch’s image, in 1935, when it printed the then 9-year-old Princess on its $20 notes?
🪙 Over the course of her reign, The Queen has approved more than 5,000 coin designs: an average of 73 a year?
🪙 Her Majesty has sat for a number of portraits for use on currency, and more recently artists have based sketches on photographs. She is sent the final designs for approval, as well as a sample coin?
Source: Royal Family

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