NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg Holds Press Briefing After Defense Ministers Meeting

NATO (February 17, 2021)—today NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks after defense ministers meeting.


  • Political coordination among NATO’s allies.
  • Enhance political and practical cooperation with –democracies around the world.
  • NATO must do more to protect the security changes around climate change. Reducing vulnerabilities among the military sector,
  • NATO must update their strategic concept. To address merging challenges–recommit to our values–and bond between Europe and North America.
  • NATO–to build a substantial and forward agenda.
  • Update the NATO strategic concept for the Alliance to address the changes in the shifting power–China and Russia aggressive action against their neighbors.
  • The Secretary condemned¬† in the strongest personal term of the rocket attack in Iraq. And called for an investigation.¬† The Sec also expressed condolences for Turkey.

Source: NATO

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