White House Press Briefing: February 17th

WASHINGTON, D.C.(February 17, 2021)—today White House Press Secretary Psaki held the White House’s  daily Press Briefing.  


  • Deputy National  Secretary Advisor on cyber Anne Neuberger is gave an update on the Solarwinds hack. She says the culprit has not been officially determined but is “likely of Russian origin.”
  • Press Secretary said: FEMA has supplied power generators to Texas and is sending diesel fuel, water and blankets as part of relief from widespread power outages amid winter storms.
  • Today, President Biden and Vice President Harris will meet with a group of labor leaders to discuss the American Rescue Plan and to get input on the President’s infrastructure plan.
  • Biden to sign an executive order to rescind former President Trumps apprenticeships program.
  • “We can provide federal guidlances, which is exactly what we have done,” said Press Psaki.
  • Normalcy switched again.  Fauci said –near December.  “We want to be straight to the American people. We are not at a place where we can predict when everyone will feel normal again,” said the Press Secretary.
  • “We can provide federal guidelines, which is exactly what we have done,” said Press Secretary Psaki in response to question about states prioritizing vaccination of teachers.

Source:White House

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