Tiger Woods Involved In Single Vehicle Traffic Collision

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 23, 2021—pro golfer Tiger Woods involved in an accident in single vehicle accident around 7:30 AM. LASD responded in a single roll over vehicle traffic collision on the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Pals Verdes.  Woods is currently in emergency surgery–due to legs injuries.

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Read the LASD Report: No pending charges at this time.

Update:February 23, 2021  6:40 PM 

Tiger Woods crashed his SUV on sweeping, downhill road in the Los Angels suburbs Tuesday morning, and doctors tried to stabilize “significant” injuries to his right leg with rods and a combination of screws and pins.

Woods was driving to a television shoot when his SUV crashed into a median, rolled over and ended up on its side near a steep road known for wrecks, authorities said. Golf’s biggest star had to be pulled out through the windshield.

Woods’ foundation said in a statement he was awake, responsive and recovering in the hospital.

Tiger Wood’s Surgery

Dr. Anish Mahajan, the chief medical officer at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, said Woods shattered the tibia and fibula bones of his lower right leg in multiple locations. Those injuries were stabilized with a rod in the tibia. Additional injuries to the bones in the foot and ankle required screws and pins, Mahajan said in a statement released on Woods’ Twitter account late Tuesday night.

The lengthy surgery also reduced swelling. Woods was awake and recovering in his hospital room, the statement said.

A resident near the accident site called 911. A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, the first on the scene, poked his head through a hole in the windshield to see Woods, his seatbelt fastened, sitting in the driver’s seat.

What We Know About Tiger Wood’s Vehicle Collision

  • Tiger Woods SUV off the highway and across the median and landed against an 8 feet tree stump.
  • Woods was conscious, but in serious conditions with injuries to both legs.
  • Woods was alone in the vehicle, but according to the LASD there was no impairments located in the SUV.
  • Woods was transported to the trauma hospital via emergency vehicle.
  • Woods requested that the LASD/hospital staff to notify a family member once he had arrived to the hospital.
  • Woods was calm and awake following the accidents.
  • LASD did not provide any details regarding any additional injuries or why Wood’s was traveling on the highway where the accident occurred.

Source: LASD and AP News contributed to this article.































Source: LASD


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