“President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau Give Statements on Their Bilateral Meeting”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 23, 2021)—


President Biden:

  • The leaders agreed to re-establish the cross border crime reform.
  • To do more to take on racism.
  • Agreed to modernize NOMAD.
  • For both our nations, getting COVID-19 under control at home and around the world is the immediate priority. 
  • We also agreed to work in close cooperation to strengthen the supply chain security and resilience, and to ensure that Canada and the United States are driving a robust economic recovery that benefits everyone, not just those at the top.
  • Agreed to work together on a inclusive recovery, using the tools available to us through the Small and Medium Enterprise chapter of our trade agreement to support women- and minority-owned businesses.
  • Canada and the United States are going to work in lockstep to display the seriousness of our commitment at both home and abroad.
  • Launching a high-level Climate Ambition Min- — Ambition Ministerial and to align our policies and our goals, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Prime Minister Trudeau:

  • Keeping people safe and end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: White House

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