Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Has Obtained Trump’s Financial Records:Bias Bigotry

NEW YORK, NY (February 25, 2021)—today the Manhattan district attorney’s office has reportedly received Donald Trump’s financial records as part of their investigation into his business dealings.

According to CNN, the records include millions of pages of documents.

The DA’s office obtained the records  three days after the US supreme Court rejected President Donald J. Trump’s attorney’s request to block Cy Vance’s  office from obtaining the records.

The President’s taxes have been under IRS audit for years— his political enemies have been attempting to obtain Trump’s records for years to destroy his political future–particularly using his tax returns.


The financial records will be made available to a grand jury, so they will not be publicly released, but CNN has already leaked the material to the public.  Trump launched a series of legal challenges to try to prevent Vance from gaining access to them due to bias bigotry.

Source: Guardian wrote original article.



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