Senator Warnock Seeks Campaign Opt In Shadow Of Eight People Killed In Three Atlanta Spas Rejected Officials Conclusion: “Do Not Appear Racially Motivated”

Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., speaks to a group of demonstrators gathered in Atlanta to show support for Asian and Pacific Islander communities on March 20, 2021.ATLANTA (March 22, 2021)–Law enforcement officials including the director of the FBI have said the shootings in Atlanta in which eight people were killed do not appear to have been racially motivated, but the Georgia senator Raphael Warnock said on Sunday: “We all know hate when we see it.” But Senator Raphael Warnock, possibly has jumped into the fray due to a political opportunity to jump in front of his opponents in 2022.  Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia spoke to a group  in campaign style before a group of gathered demonstrators in Atlanta to show support for Asian and Pacific Islander communities on Saturday in Atlanta.  

“We all know hate when we see it,” Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., said on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” adding, “It is tragic that we’ve been visited by this kind of violence yet again.”  The Democrats continue to demand hate crimes charges against the suspect, although the evidence does not support their demands.  

President Joe Biden said many Asian Americans have “been attacked, blamed, scapegoated and harassed” in recent months, adding, “Silence is complicity.”

Six women of Asian descent, another woman and a man were killed on Tuesday, in a shootings at spas in the Atlanta area.

Robert Aaron Long, a 21-year-old white man, was charged with the murders. He told police his actions were not racially motivated, and claimed to have a sex addiction.

Speaking to NPR on Thursday, the FBI director, Christopher Wray, said: “While the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated.”

But such conclusions are rejected by protesters who see a link to rising attacks on Asian Americans in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China, and racially charged rhetoric from former president Donald Trump and others.

Warnock, a Democrat, took office in January as the first African American elected to the US Senate from Georgia. On Saturday he and his fellow Democratic senator Jon Ossoff spoke to protesters near the state capitol in Atlanta.

Source: Bee News Daily and The Guardian contributed to article.

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