Boulder Honoring A Fallen Hero As The City Lights the Boulder Star For 10 Days In Honor Of All Victims

BOULDER, CO (March 24, 2021)–today citizens in Boulder, Colorado, are in mourning of the death of Officer Eric Talley .

Officer Eric Talley was killed heroically responding to the #BoulderShooting on Monday. His police vehicle is parked outside the @boulderpolice   station at 1805 33rd St. in memory of Eric and his service.”

Citizens in Boulder lined the streets to salute a fallen officer as  the hearse transferred his body from the coroner’s office to a funeral home in Aurora. Many placed their hands over their hearts, some cried and some held American flags.Today, the public safety officials vehicles lead the procession with heavy hearts.
Talley, 51, was one of 10 people killed when a gunman opened fire in a Boulder grocery store on Monday afternoon. He was  the first Boulder officer  to arrive at the King Soopers store and lost his life trying to save others.
Boulder Country Sheriff Joe Pelle tweeted “We lined up to pay our respect to Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley as the procession escorted his body to the funeral home this afternoon.”

Mayor Sam Weaver said he talked on the phone Wednesday with President Joe Biden and they discussed Talley.
“He started off by expressing his condolences and sympathy for the victims. He particularly called out Officer Talley for his heroism,” Weaver told CNN’s Pamela Brown. “He asked what he could do for Boulder. I told him, that as far as what we’re needing to take care of in the next few days and weeks, we’ve probably got that handled here in the city and the region.”
Source: Bee News Daily, CNN and Boulder, Colorado contributed to the article.

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