Cuomo: Another Allegation of Sexual Inappropriate Behavior Gone Unprosecuted

ALBANY (March 29, 2021)—-today Gloria Allred, has  launched numerous cases on behalf of women making sexual harassment claims, held a news conference Monday in which she said another woman have  accused Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

Allred, whose cases have attracted national attention over the decades, said the married woman will explain why Cuomo was outside her home and who witnessed the kiss.

The lawyer said they will also release a photograph of the kiss. Allred this morning provided no further details about the woman’s name or where she lives or when the alleged event took place.

Cuomo has been accused by multiple women, including former or current staffers, of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. He has said he never inappropriately touched anyone and has denied claims of harassment. He has previously said his comments weren’t intended as harassment or attempts to have romantic relations with the women. Cuomo has also said he will no longer respond to allegations against him.

The allegations against Cuomo are under investigation by Attorney General Letitia James, as well as part of an impeachment investigation by the State Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.

Allred, a women’s rights attorney, for more than 40 years has handled cases on a range of fronts, including representing three women in the sexual assault criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein, having taken on the legality of all-men’s clubs and representing the plaintiff in the landmark Roe v. Wade case.
Source:Buffalo News

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