Biden Delivers Remarks At A Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center In Michigan

DEARBURN, MI (May 18, 2021)—today President Joe Biden visited a Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan. 



  • Biden draws from former campaign speech–and former President Donald J. Trump’s slogan “Made In America.”
  • President Trump signed an executive order in 2019 that raised the standards for products to be designated as Made in America, which had a major impact on procurement of products by the federal and state government,

    “Today, I’m pleased to announce that we will begin our Buy American requirements, but even stronger. Currently, a product can be 50 per cent foreign and it still counts as American-made,” Trump told reporters at the White House.
  • Biden said the Obama’s administration saved a million jobs–in the big three emerge.
  • Biden said “Republican’s announced “Infrastructure Week” and did not do a d– thing.”
  • Biden advocated passing the American Job Plan–to put Americans to work in airports, etc. 
  • Boost manufacturing of clean vehicles–to help innovate–and the supply chain.
  • The American Jobs Plan to strengthen our innovation and infrastructure.
  • USA can manufacture semi-conductor chips.
  • DOD and NASA got the semi-conductor on its feet decades ago. 
  • Biden promises to build aircraft carriers,  and hire American.

Source:White House

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