Suspect Shooter: Othal Wallace Captured In Florida

Daytona, FL  (June 26, 2021)— Daytona Beach Police held a press conference regarding the capture of Othal Wallace.  “Chief Jakari Young addressed members of the media this morning, hours after Othal Wallace was captured.

We would like to thank everyone who has sent their support and prayers to us and, especially, to Officer Jason Raynor and his family.”

Othal Wallace was a suspect in the shooting  a Daytona Beach police officer in the head this week, was captured early Saturday morning while hiding in a tree house east of Atlanta, Georgia.

Daytona Beach Police officers were present when Wallace was arrested. They locked Officer Raynor’s handcuffs on Wallace.

Young said Wallace stated when he was captured: ” ‘You guys know who I am. You know what I’m capable of and it could have been a lot worse.’ ” 

Young said that the Raynor’s family was informed about the arrest.

“As you can imagine there was a huge sigh of relief,” Young said. “And I’m hoping they can get a few hours of sleep finally. Now they can just solely focus on Officer Raynor and his recovery.”

Four other individuals were on the property where Wallace was captured, Young said. The police has not determined if the four people will face charges or whether they were members of the NFAC militia.

“There were very positive signs of improvement,” Young  said. “He still has a ways to go. But basically from his condition right now they feel comfortable moving forward with more testing because they’ve determined that he’s now strong enough to endure more testing.

Othal Wallace

“As of right now his outlook, it is improving. It’s a positive one,” Young added. “But we are just going to continue to pray that he continues to heal.”

“Our families worry about us just like anybody’s family members would but for them to just consistently stay at it and stay out here in these uncertain conditions, not knowing exactly where he was and who was working with him,” Young said. “But they never gave up. They stayed in  the fight and again I’m just extremely proud of all of them.”

“The moment we heard that Jason, an officer had been shot, we called in every off duty person available to bring them in and make them part of the manhunt,” Chitwood said.

“To watch all those police cars coming not only from Volusia County but from Seminole County, Orange County, Flagler County, Brevard County, from Central Florida, FHP, Fish and Wildlife, ATF, FBI,” Chitwood said. “To watch all those people, all those resources come pouring in on that first night, we had three helicopters besides our own. It was sad, but it also made you feel, so proud that all these people are rallying around a fallen officer, a wounded officer, and we are going to do everything we can to get this guy to justice.


Source and Photo: Daytona Beach Florida

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