Michelle Cummings Murder Possibly Race Related

ANAPOLIS, MD (June 30, 2021)—Michelle Cummings was a visitor in Annapolis, Maryland.  Her son had been accepted into the Navy Academy.  But Cummings was killed in a drive-by-shooting at a hotel  —may be due to the fact that she was a Black female.    

Only a decade ago, Blacks was considered to be part of the middle class in Annapolis. If you lived in  Eastport, a marshy peninsula between Back Creek and Spa Creek–you would most likely have a Black neighbor living in this  stable, racially mixed community of watermen, teachers, domestic workers and employees of the Naval Academy.

But in 2021, Annapolis has changed.  It’s population has replaced Black’s  with an “influx of affluent white professionals, sailors and tourists has left Annapolis’ oldest neighborhoods more segregated than ever. Blacks were forced out by the high rents and property taxes of the historic downtown and Eastport, while the income gap between those who remain and the newcomers continues to widen.”

This is why it is difficult to accept the Annapolis Police Chief explanation that the Cummings shooting was not racially motivated–when it most likely was just that.  Black’s are not welcomed in affluent Annapolis with opened arms.  Walking down the streets of Annapolis–leaves most Blacks uncomfortable–and scrutinized.   When Blacks enter the shops of Annapolis–they are most likely to be “eyed down.” (The Pretty Woman syndrome)  And watched by the staff in the shop–until they exit the door.

According to police, the woman, identified as Michelle Cummings, was an innocent bystander during the shooting.  But, she wasn’t sitting at the street level—but sitting on the patio of her rented hotel room.  The shooter(s) had too seek her out–point the gun in her direction–tilted and pulled the trigger that caused the death of a Plebe’s mother.
The racial make-up: White: 55.54% Black or African American: 29.89% Asian: 6.28% Other race: 4.52%
Arundel Patriot writer wrote in  July 2020, “The bulldozing of African American neighborhoods and culture by the City of Annapolis started in the 1960s, and the decimation of the black community has continued ever since. At one of the highest per-capita public housing areas in the world, Annapolis hid away its black population, made tourist maps showing all white people grinning and licking ice cream cones at City Dock. Property values went through the roof.  Tourism boomed.”
On Tuesday afternoon, Spring ISD expressed its condolences in a statement. Cummings was heavily involved in district activities alongside her son.

“We are devastated to hear about the passing of Michelle Cummings. Ms. Cummings was a very engaged parent at Westfield High School where her son Leonard “Trey” Cummings III graduated in 2020. She served in 2019-20 as the president of the Westfield High School Football Booster Club and was always ready to support our student athletes. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Cummings family during this time of sorrow.”

Annapolis police and the FBI announced Wednesday afternoon that they are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killer’s arrest.
Source: ABC 13 contributed to the article.  Victoria Bruce is the editor and producer of the Arundel Patriot and APat live. She is the co-director of Pip &  Zastrow: An American Friendship. Watch the film here.

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