President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Economic Recovery and Inflation

CITY OF WASHINGTON (July 19, 2021)— “President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Economic Recovery and the Remarkable Progress Made Under His Administration – From 60,000 to 600,000 New Jobs Per Month Thanks to the American Rescue Plan – and Why We Need the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and His Build Back Better Agenda to Sustain that Growth in the Years to Come.”


  • Biden predicted that prices increases are temporary.
  • COVID-19 and getting vaccinated.
  • The Biden’s administration progress.
  • Paid leave and raising wages.
  • Biden discussed the Trump’s administration–stock market. Biden said former President Donald J. Trump bragged daily about the stock market.
  • Facebook—Biden mentioned misinformation–may lead to the deaths of Americans in regards to COVID-19.
  • Biden made remarks about DACA.
  • Biden discussed cybersecurity–China and Russia’s in action.

Source: WH

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