Texas Supreme Court may decide next plot twist in the Democratic walkout, and the fate of 2,100 state employees

Texas (July 21, 2021)—The state’s highest civil court has been asked to decide if Gov. Greg Abbott has the power to cut off funding for legislative staff, a move Abbott hoped would keep Democratic lawmakers from leaving the state and shutting down a special legislative session.

Abbott originally justified his veto in a Tweet saying, “No pay for those who abandon their responsibilities.” However, his follow-up statement from his office, and court filings from the attorney general’s office, seem to acknowledge that lawmakers would be paid regardless of his veto, as it is guaranteed in the Constitution.


Source: The Texas Tribune

Photo: The Texas Supreme Court has been asked to rule whether Gov. Greg Abbott’s unprecedented line-item veto of Article X in the state budget — which pays for the Legislature and its staff — is constitutional. Credit: Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune

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