Thursday, October 22

Cori Bush breaks through the House Speaker’s hold on the Black Caucus

Cori Bush, Democratic challenger for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 1st district, breaks through House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hold on the Black Caucus.  Bush a Black Lives Matter supporter—wants more than a stand in vote for the Democratic Party, but she advocates for her community and Black children across Missouri.

Bush was bold to take on U.S. Congressman William Clay (D-Missouri) in 2018.  Clay’s family had a 50-year hold on the District’s schools, job programs, economic development—that practically was at a stalemate with the people.  The Clay’s are the past, but Bush is the future politician that Black voters are seeking—a fighter and not a follower.

Bush’s 48.9% to 45.5% victory is yet another win for Justice Democrats, the group that backed the successful Democratic primary challenges by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over longtime Rep. Joe Crowley in 2018, and educator Jamaal Bowman over powerful Rep. Eliot Engel this summer.

Bush’s campaign spokeswoman, Keenan Korth, said voters in the district were “galvanized.”

Bush is a newcomer to watch—not because she support’s Black Lives Matter, but because she is a fighter and an orator—that knows what her base needs and how she intends to fight to deliver her promises.

Bush knows the ups and downs—of Black America, she lives it.  She is a single mom, with children—and she knows the challenges of moms—low paying jobs, housing, educating their children in the best schools,—with choice, disparities, and preparing for the future.  Bush’s platform is somewhat conservative but progressive.  She has an insight—that candidates rarely possesses.  If Bush wins in November, she will bring to the U.S. House of Representatives a new voice, new change for Missouri and a Member of Congress who will stand up to Pelosi for her people and not the party.

Justice Democrats, which was founded in 2017, noted that Bush was one of the first-ever candidates it backed. Justice Democrats tweeted “Justice Democrat & Black Lives Matter organizer @CoriBush defeated a corporate-backed political dynasty in #MO01. From the Bronx to St. Louis, the Squad is here to stay, and it’s still growing.”

“They counted us out,” Bush said after her Tuesday win. “They called me — I’m just the protester, I’m just the activist with no name, no title and no real money. That’s all they said that I was. But St. Louis showed up today.” And Bush to show up on the steps of Congress January 2021 with a plan for the people—-that has been missing from Black America for decades.  Bush is not the street light, but the power to make Missouri better for all the people.

“From the Bronx to St. Louis, the Squad is here to stay, and it’s still growing,” the organization tweeted early Wednesday morning.

Source: Picture by Cori Bush Campaign