Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby holds Press Briefing

VIRGINIA (September 3, 2021)— Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby held a press briefing Friday.


  • The Pentagon has partnered with other agencies to insure a safe environment for the Afghans.  There has not been any reports of security issues.
  • More than 25,600 Afghans are at Fort Lee.  About 1,000 have been processed.  DHS and Department of State will process special visa’s and asylum applications.
  • The Task Force role is to test every Afghan who enters the US for COVID-19. The positivity rate is 3 positive test out of about 1000 tested.
  • The Air Force and a Space Force Officer who both volunteered–to help with cultural challenges.   They are fluent in the languages to help with the cultural challenges.
  • The US and NORAD–stands ready to provide their missile capabilities if North Korea launch any nuclear reactors— missile.  The Pentagon stands ready to respond to North Korea if they launch any ballistic missile or nuclear test.
  • Commanders Critical Information Requirements: Kirby remains in the loop and is addressed at his level.  There have not been any reports regarding sanitation and food.



Source: Pentagon

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