Chattanooga Shooting: 6 Victims Including 2 Teen Females, 4 Male Teens

TENNESSEE (May 31, 2022)— Monday Chattanooga police released the ages of the 6 victims of a shooting downtown over the weekend, revealing that they are all minors.

Two are females, age 15.

Three others are 15-year-old males.

One victim is a 13-year-old male.

Chattanooga Police say the shooting started after two groups met in the area in what seems to have possibly been the start of some sort of fight.

CPD says that one of the people injured may have been targeted, but that many were unintended targets.


The Chattanooga community is still on edge after a shooting that took place downtown on Saturday.

Chattanooga Police say six teenagers were struck by gunfire, with two in critical condition.

In a city of nearly 200,000 people, the shooting happened in the core of downtown, where both locals and tourists gather daily.

Hickey says he waited with several victims until emergency responders got them into ambulances.

“I wanted to make sure that they were okay,“ Hickey says. “It was something that I’m probably not going to forget for a long time.”

He says one of the biggest shocks was the spot where this went down.

 “Families walking around pushing strollers with their kids or walking with their kids. It’s that type of area,” he says. “It was just hard to wrap my mind around is, you know, something like this really happening in this part of Chattanooga?”

As we head into the summer season, Chattanoogans and tourists frequent areas like the Tennessee Aquarium and the Walnut Street Bridge.

One couple who recently moved to the city says Saturday’s incident has them on edge.

“It’s literally a block away from us, and I ride my bike to work right down that pathway, you know, right past all that,” says Cameron Canevaro. “So, just to hear that that even was a possibility was really shocking.”

But one father who’s visiting family says he doesn’t feel any less safe.

“We were two blocks away from where the shooting took place, and it’s tragic and unfortunate, but things like this are gonna happen,” says Frank Koudelka.


Source: ABC 9 Chattanooga

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