President Biden Delivers Remarks on COVID-19 Vaccine Progress

CHICAGO (October 7, 2021)—President Biden delivers remarks on the importance of COVID-19 vaccine requirements.


  • Biden: spoke about the dignity of protecting America– COVID-19.
  • The Unions built the middle class, said President Biden.

Fact Check: Middle Class Timeline

April 1939: For the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. commissions a one-hour film telling the story of a family called the Middletons. The Indiana family visits the fair and is won over by the Westinghouse exhibit’s futuristic display of middle-class lifestyle and leisure.

  • Biden: Labor department to require employees to obtain COVID-19 vaccination or be tested weekly.
  • Biden said the requirements lead to more people obtaining vaccination. 
  • Biden: more than 95% of college students have been vaccinated.
  • Biden met with CEO’s to hear about their requirements.
  • Biden: vaccination requirements are good for the country–its send people back to work.  The economy is growing–not only in increasing vaccination rates–6% fastest growing economy of the world. 

Fact Check: COVID-19 and the Economy

Federal survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Center for Health Statistics show that getting vaccinated is correlated with immediate improvements in well-being. After being vaccinated, people may feel less stress—defined by the author as feeling anxious, worried, down, or uninterested most or all of the time. Less stress can reduce the possibility of developing physical health problems such as high blood pressure. Better health also lowers health care costs. Moreover, less stressed people tend to be better at planning for their future, including saving money and looking for new jobs.

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Source: White House video, Center for American Progress,  and NPR Middle Class Fact Check .


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